Welcome back to Part II of this weeks’ blog!

In Part I, I talked all about the importance of doing your research and due diligence when you are thinking of working with a coach. I discussed the 7 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Coach and how essential they are if you want to find the right fit. There’s no doubt, coaching is a significant investment of your time and money, and neither should be wasted working with someone who isn’t right for you!

In Part II, I want to get a bit more personal, and give you…

No matter what stage you are at in your business, hiring a coach can help you to progress your leadership faster than you ever could on your own. An experienced coach should be objective, know your business inside and out, and always be willing to provide constructive feedback. Making the decision to work with a coach is a significant step into turning your ideas for your business, and your own leadership, into a reality.

Once you’ve made that decision, how do you then choose a coach? Hiring a coach is an investment of your time and money — you don’t…

There are so many great ways to support a local biz

Small business plays a huge role in the culture of our communities.

They create so much value, not just through the jobs they create, but through the products and services they provide. They know what we as consumers want, because they are us! And they create beautiful opportunities for us to connect and create together.

That’s why I want to encourage you to support those small businesses over the next few weeks. Of course, if you have shopping left to do for the Holiday Season, it would be great to find those interesting, one-of-a-kind gifts locally. …

Do you have squirrels at a rave?

“I don’t have my ducks in a row. I have squirrels. And they’re at a rave.”

Ever heard phrase? I coach many entrepreneurs who feel like they live in that level of chaos, chasing a big group of squirrels, every single day.

These busy, passionate people are working hard to build really successful businesses, but there comes a point when they just can’t do all the work themselves any more. They know they need help. What they don’t know is, who do they need to hire, what do they need the new hire(s) do, and exactly where do they even…

I’ve got a confession…I’m not alright.

Just the thought of not sharing Christmas with my family has me alternating between deep sadness and uncontrollable anger.

I’m pissed off, disappointed, confused, angry, determined, hopeless, and completely depressed all at the same time. And that’s just before lunch.

The thought of not sharing time with my family, my new baby grandson, my aging parents, my brother-in-law just home from Iraq makes me want to scream. Just the thought that my 95 year old Grandmother will spend Christmas locked in her apartment makes me sick.

Intellectually I know that Christmas isn’t cancelled. That…

Four Things You Can Do That Don’t Include Quitting

Manic Mondays are always hard. And they’re even harder when you know you’re heading to work in a place that toxic.

I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve work in a place where I got physically sick every morning before I walked in the door. It was that bad.

So what can you do, short of quitting, if you work in a toxic workplace. Well, in this weeks Manic Monday video I have a few suggestions for you. Here’s the short version:

1️⃣ Create awareness — do a check in, are you part of the problem? …


In the work I do with my clients, one topic that often comes up is toxic workplaces and what to do about them. I personally have experienced this type of unhappy work environment, and I’ve coached many leaders as they’ve worked to identify and fix their toxic teams. When a workplace culture becomes unhealthy and dysfunctional, everyone within the organization suffers. Soon, the client experience deteriorates, and ultimately the business starts to falter. So how do you know if your workplace is toxic, and what can you do about it? …


I was speaking with an experienced leader last week, who had just received some feedback from a pulse survey his company had recently conducted. The organization was very curious about how their employees were responding with the sudden shift to working remotely. He wasn’t surprised to learn that the older members of the team were having some struggles, and were feeling less productive.

Adapting to such an imposing level of change was likely to be harder for those in the “Baby Boomer” generation, he thought. But what surprised him was that those we would normally label “Millennials” seemed to be…

Lindsay White

I guide female small business owners as they grow, lead and inspire their teams — driving profitability through their people.

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