I’ve got a confession…I’m not alright.

Just the thought of not sharing Christmas with my family has me alternating between deep sadness and uncontrollable anger.

I’m pissed off, disappointed, confused, angry, determined, hopeless, and completely depressed all at the same time. And that’s just before lunch.

The thought of not…

Four Things You Can Do That Don’t Include Quitting

Manic Mondays are always hard. And they’re even harder when you know you’re heading to work in a place that toxic.

I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve work in a place where I got physically sick every morning before I walked in the door. It was that bad.


In the work I do with my clients, one topic that often comes up is toxic workplaces and what to do about them. I personally have experienced this type of unhappy work environment, and I’ve coached many leaders as they’ve worked to identify and fix their toxic teams. When a…

Lindsay White

I guide female small business owners as they grow, lead and inspire their teams — driving profitability through their people.

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